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ImageJ plugin for building figures
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This ImageJ plugin allows easy creation of image figures for publications, reports, projects.


2016-06-09: Welcoming @stelfrich Stefan Helfrich as a contributor.

Jerome Mutterer (CNRS) and Edda Zinck (HTW). We're thankful to Etienne Schaeffer, Wayne Rasband, Johannes Schindelin, Maxime Hervé, Benoit Aigouy, Stuart Bell, Pierre Bourdoncle, Ton Timmers and Jerome Bugeon for bug fixes, nice ideas or code suggestion.


Easy-to-design interactive figure layout. Visually assign image content to panels. High quality image scaling and rotation. Easy and consistent panel labels and scalebars. Each panel has it's original datasource's properties and tracks achieved image processing. Save and re-open editable figures. Export as standard image formats with textual description of each panel history.

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