@cnstoll cnstoll released this Jun 2, 2015 · 57 commits to master since this release

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  • Added support for sending a notification by passing nil as the message. (Felix Lamouroux)
  • Added support for Carthage dependency management. (Lei Wang)
  • Added support for subclassing MMWormhole's message passing system via MMWormholeTransiting. (Conrad Stoll)
  • Added support for NSFileCoordinator message file writing. (Conrad Stoll)
  • Added new troubleshooting checks for App Group configuration. (Ernesto Torres)
  • Added nullability annotations for better Swift support. (Timothy Sanders)
  • Silenced a c function declaration warning. (Wes Ostler)
  • Updated README to include Swift examples. (Nate McGuire)


  • FIXED an issue (#36) where a listener block could be called multiple times. (Naldikt)
  • FIXED an issue (#43) where a listener block could be registered and called multiple times. (Peter De Bock)
  • FIXED a typo in the README. (Marcus Mattsson)