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Personal academic website

The easy way

The quickest way to put this into practise is to

  1. for the repository
  2. from project settings of forked project change the name of the repository from into This is enough to publish the website at
  3. Edit the following files to customize the page:
    1. _config.yml
    2. _layout/default.html (change the css path from /css/main_flatly.css to match some other css file in /css-folder
    3. edit,, etc. posts in the root directory
    4. add new blogposts into _posts/ folder. (Follow the same naming scheme as the existing posts)
  4. As you go with the edits check out the results at

The hard way

To run locally

  1. fork the repository by hitting the Fork-button on the top right and pick your profile
  2. clone the repository with git clone
  3. cd
  4. edit the content of .md files or create new ones
  5. edit the links to pages & css files in _layouts/default.html
  6. edit the _config.yml and change the baseurl to match your future repository. It may be
  7. run jekyll serve --watch --baseurl '' to build the site locally and to react to your edits

To run it in your

Once your are happy with how it looks like:

  1. create a new repository at GitHub
  2. reset the remote for your project git remote set-url origin
  3. add new files to git using git add --all
  4. stage and commit the changes with git commit -a -m "message comes here"
  5. push the first time git push -u origin master

Update your remote site

  1. add, remove, change files
  2. add new files to git using git add --all
  3. stage and commit the changes with git commit -a -m "message comes here"
  4. push the committed change git push