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Demonstrates how to watch an akka cluster with a play frontend
Scala JavaScript HTML CSS
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upgraded scalatestplusplay to be compatible with play 2.4.x


Building a play frontend for an akka cluster. The frontend provides

  • A cluster state dashboard
  • A job-execute frontend to calculate the factorial

Getting Started

Run each line in a new terminal.

sbt "backend/run 2551"
sbt "backend/run 2552"
sbt "project frontend" run

Go to localhost:9000 and enjoy the frontend.

Setup Activator

  1. Download Typesafe Activator (or copy it over from a USB)
  2. Extract the zip and run the activator or activator.bat script from a non-interactive shell
  3. Your browser should open to the Activator UI: http://localhost:8888
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