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/* Muxall Active IR Detector Arduino Sketch Example.
* This sketch reads the output from the IRD
* and lights the LED on the Arduino board.
* Flashig LED indicates weak detection and objects
* far away. Solid LED indicates good detection and
* objects close up.
* Depending on your application, you may need
* to add debounce code or capacitor.
//Initialize some globals.
int ttlPin = 51; // 5v TTL from IRD output.
int vsPin = 53; // 5v power for IRD
// gndPin = 55 // The ground.
int ledPin = 13; // The LED connected to digital pin 13
int val = HIGH; // Start with val HIGH which is "no detection event".
int led = LOW; // Start with the LED OFF.
//Setup Arduino and initialize the io pins
void setup()
Serial.begin(9600); // Initialize serial port:
pinMode(ttlPin, INPUT); // Set the digital pin as input.
pinMode(vsPin, OUTPUT); // Set the digital pin as output.
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // Set the digital pin as output.
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // Initialize the LED to OFF.
Serial.print("Powering on the IRD...");
digitalWrite(vsPin, HIGH); //Turn on the IRD.
//Run the program.
void loop()
val = digitalRead(ttlPin); // Read the TTL pin value.
led = digitalRead(ledPin); // Read the LED pin value.
if (val == LOW) // If val is LOW then the IRD has a detection event.
if (led == LOW) // If the LED is OFF we need to turn it ON.
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // Turn ON the LED.
Serial.println("IR Detector Triggered!"); // Tell someone.
} else // Otherwise, val is HIGH and the IRD has NO detection event.
if (led == HIGH) // If the LED is ON we need to turn it OFF.
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // Turn OFF the LED..
Serial.println("End of IR Detector Event.\n"); // Tell someone.
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