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Mux Examples

Mux Examples

Get to know Mux by looking through examples! Contributions are always welcome, either in the form of code that lives here or a link to another repo.


Name Description Tags Languages
android-live-javacv Small modifications to a JavaCV example that allows you to publish an RTMP stream directly to Mux. Live, Mobile Java
contentful-uploader Contentful UI extension that allows you to add Video to your Contentful space. VOD, CMS, Integration JavaScript
now-airtable Zeit Now + Airtable. Build your own personal Video CMS using Now, Next.js, and your own Airtable base. VOD, CMS JavaScript
signed-playback-lambda AWS Lambda that allows you to generate signed Mux playback URLs. VOD, Serverless JavaScript

Examples in the wild

These are just things we've found in the wild internet. If you've written or know of one, submit a PR and add it!

Name Description Source Tags Languages
ReactNative Livestream Example Livestreaming with React Native & Mux. For more information, see the blog post Syntx Live, Mobile JavaScript
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