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Contentful + Mux

Contentful Video Streaming Plugin

A Contentful UI extension that makes it simple to add beautiful streaming via Mux to your Contentful project. Just install the extension, add the component to your content model, and you're good to go! 🙌🏾

Before getting started, make sure to generate a new Access Token. To make installation a little easier later, you can save the generated environment file as .env in this directory. If you're going to install the plugin via the interface, just keep the token ID and secret handy.

Install via the CLI

Make sure you have the Contentful CLI installed:

npm install contentful-cli -g

You are logged in:

contentful login

And have a space selected:

contentful space use

To install the UI Extension:

npm run install-extension

To update the UI Extension:

contentful extension update --force

Note: by default this installs the hosted version of our extension. If you'd like to self-host this extension, you may update extension.json to use your own src, but keep in mind you'll need to have your own solution for handling CORS requests.

Install via the Contentful interface

Navigation to Space settings > Extensions, then click the "Add extension" dropdown and select "Install from Github".

Install from Github

In the modal, give the URL for this repo's extension.json file:

It should then open up a page with your new extension's configuration. Update the two required fields with your Mux Access Token ID/Secret, then hit "save".

Setting up your content model

Create a new JSON field in the model you'd like to add Video to. Name the field something useful and descriptive like, for example "Mux Asset".

Click on the "Appearance" tab.

Select "Mux Contentful Uploader"

Uploader Appearance

Congratulations, now you've got the upload side of your very own best-in-class video platform! 🤘🏻

Using your new Video field in clients

The Mux Asset JSON object you'll get in your clients will look like this:

  "uploadId": "some-upload-id",
  "assetId": "some-asset-id",
  "playbackId": "a-public-playback-id"
  "ready": true

Both uploadId and assetId are things we need to manage the asset in the Mux API. playbackId is what you'll use in your player. If you want help setting up a player, we have a set of guides to help you get started.

Talk to us!

This extension was made with 💖 by the folks from Mux. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!

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