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An example app for live streaming from an iOS device using the Mux live streaming service, written in Swift.

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This is what the app looks like - you paste in a Mux stream key and start streaming from your device:

Screen Recording

And your stream is live on the Mux dashboard:

Mux Dashboard


Our sample app uses a couple open source projects and Xcode configurations in order to get live streaming up and running quickly. To make this easy, we recommend using the CocoaPods dependency manager for iOS. Once you have cloned this repo and installed CocoaPods, you are a couple steps away from streaming.

Quick Start

Sample Project Setup

After cloning this project and installing CocoaPods, run the following command from the project directory to get setup:

pod install

Then just open the workspace and click play to build and run.

open *workspace



ios-live-streaming and MuxLive are available under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file for more information.

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