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Netlify create mux signed urls

This app uses Netlify functions to create one Netlify endpoint that will 302 redirect to a signed MUX url


When this is deployed you can use a netlify function as the endpoint for your player src, either in a web player or a native player.

Web example

<video src="https://<your-netlify-project><playback-id>"></video>

iOS AVPlayer example

let url = URL(string: "https://<your-netlify-project><playback-id>")
player = AVPlayer(url: url!)

The netlify endpoint will 302 redirect to the signed URL

Example (dev)

  1. Run netlify dev in one terminal

netlify dev

You should see a local dev server running

  1. Run netlify-lambda in another terminal window

netlify-lambda server ./functions

You should see that netlify-lambda watches the ./functions directory and compiles changes into your build director (.netifly/.functions)

  1. Curl your local dev server
curl -I  'http://localhost:56348/.netlify/functions/sign_playback_id?playbackId=<playback-id>'

You should see a 302 (redirect) with a location header that is the full signed mux url:<playback-id>.m3u8?token=<token>


  1. Build using netlify-lambda and deploy with netlify deploy

netlify-lambda build ./functions` && netlify deploy --prod

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