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Riak node data browser, built as a riak app
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Visual browser for Basho's data store, riak, built as a riak app.



curl -s | sh

Quick Install

Download and install using curl -s | sh or curl -s | node=node-addr:port sh to specify the node.

Manual Install

Install locally using ./ or ./ node-addr:port to specify the node.


Once installed navigate to http://node-addr:port/riak/rekon/go. This will be if you installed riak on a local riak node running on the standard port.

Map/Reduce Jobs

M/R jobs can be run inside rekon. All jobs in the bucket will be loaded and displayed by each key. Jobs are named with either a .map extension or a .red extension depending on their function.

These jobs are automatically installed when running the manual installer. Add the jobs inside the rekon source directory jobs. Erlang source should be added to erlang. They will be compiled and output to /etc/riak/erlang. To use these beams, you need to either add the following configuration to your riak app.config under the riak_kv section: {add_paths, ["/etc/riak/erlang"]},

or from the attached console, manually add to a running riak's path: $ $RIAK/bin/riak attach


In the future, M/R jobs will be available for the full bucket.


Adam Hunter - Original code base Brian Lee Yung Rowe - Added renaming of keys, m/r jobs from rekon

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