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@@ -15,8 +15,33 @@ Download and install using `curl -s | sh` or
Install locally using `./` or `./ node-addr:port`
to specify the node.
## Usage
Once installed navigate to http://node-addr:port/riak/rekon/go. This will be
[]( if
you installed riak on a local riak node running on the standard port.
+### Map/Reduce Jobs
+M/R jobs can be run inside rekon. All jobs in the bucket will be
+loaded and displayed by each key. Jobs are named with either a .map
+extension or a .red extension depending on their function.
+These jobs are automatically installed when running the manual installer.
+Add the jobs inside the rekon source directory jobs. Erlang source should be
+added to erlang. They will be compiled and output to /etc/riak/erlang. To
+use these beams, you need to either add the following configuration to your
+riak app.config under the riak_kv section:
+ {add_paths, ["/etc/riak/erlang"]},
+or from the attached console, manually add to a running riak's path:
+ $ $RIAK/bin/riak attach
+ > code:add_path("/etc/riak/erlang").
+In the future, M/R jobs will be available for the full bucket.
+## Credits
+Adam Hunter - Original code base
+Brian Lee Yung Rowe - Added renaming of keys, m/r jobs from rekon
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