Example Twitch extensions using Muxy's MEDKit for developers.
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MEDKit Examples

Example extensions using Muxy's MEDKit for Developers


Provide simple HTML/JavaScript extension examples that demonstrate the instantiation of the Muxy SDK, getting data from state, broadcasting and listening for updates, and more.

API Reference

Muxy Extension JavaScript Library

How to Use

These examples are HTML & JavaScript and can simply run in a browser window.

Example Descriptions


Demonstrates how to listen, via the SDK, for a broadcast event and change the display based on the data package that came with the broadcast.


Shows sending a message from the broadcaster and the viewer listening for and displaying it.


A basic polling example that collects viewer votes and displays the results.


Shows how to set up simple toast messages from the broadcaster to the viewers.


An example that shows how to send data to the server (in this case, a simple numeric increment) and have the server display the viewer-input data to the broadcaster.


A basic tic-tac-toe game between the broadcaster and the viewer that shows logging an action and displaying it to all viewers.