A full development environment to build Overlay Apps for Muxy's Twitch Extension 'Overlay'.
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Muxy Overlay App Rig

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The Muxy Overlay App Rig is a platform to make developing interactive experiences on Twitch faster and easier!

This repo provides everything you need to get started building a full interactive app integrated into Muxy's Overlay experience on Twitch.

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What are Extensions?

Viewer App

The Viewer App is the main component of what people consider an "Extension." It is the interface that viewers see and use. It will appear over the broadcaster's stream and various parts can be shown, hidden or moved around the screen.

Broadcaster Config App

The Broadcaster Config App is accessible by the broadcaster from Twitch's "Extension Manager." It shows the broadcaster what apps they have enabled for the Overlay, and allows them to configure each one. Your app will appear in a large area and should display any configuration options the broadcaster may set that will affect your app channel-wide.

You may optionally choose to let viewers override any settings the broadcaster sets here.

This page is not expected to be kept open by the broadcaster. Instead it is loaded and configured before the app is enabled, so that viewers only see your app after the broadcaster has tweaked it to their liking. Any realtime events or updates sent to this page will most likely not be seen by the broadcaster.

Broadcaster Live App

The broadcaster live app is accessible by the broadcaster from Twitch's "Live Dashboard." The usable space in the Live App is considerable smaller than the other two, and should only display controls that are immediately useful to the broadcaster. The expected behavior is that a broadcaster will have the Live Dashboard open while they stream.

This app is optional, but may be used to display information needed by the broadcaster. For example, it may show aggregate voting data. It can also be used by the broadcaster to effect app state, such as clearing out a poll's information, sending messages to viewers or hiding/displaying the app on all viewers' pages.