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This is what the source code for looks like. It might not be the prettiest code in the world, but it does what I want to.

All that is excluded is my Wordpress install (/donkeyhottie) and the Azuro font that I have no right to distribute. And I guess a ton of other files I have lying about that don't help the site any.

One of the neat things this webpage does, imo, (though it confuses robots) is that it works with Sinatra and JavaScript to change the URL based on what drop-down menus are visible. I discuss how I implemented that in this blog post. It probably breaks some kind of good web-governance stuff, but what do I know.

The entire project is governed under CC-BY-NC-SA, which means you can share or remix this to your heart's content as long as you attribute me, Moacir P. de Sá Pereira, don’t use it for commercial use, and maintain the license.