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@@ -13,10 +13,15 @@ This example was written in Python 3, it may work with Python 2, but it has not
- Either clone this repository, or copy `` and `requirements.txt` to your local machine
- Install the requirements using `pip install -r requirements.txt`, we suggest you use
[Virtualenv]( to isolate your environment
- In one terminal, start ngrok: `./ngrok http 5000`
- In one terminal, start ngrok:
./ngrok http 5000
- Note the `Forwarding` http address (it will look something like ``
- In another terminal, start the flask server:
` MUZOOKA_API_KEY=xxx NGROK_URL= flask run`
```bash MUZOOKA_API_KEY=xxx NGROK_URL= flask run

## Testing

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