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Muzzley JS Lib Changelog

2015-03-19: Version 0.5.4

* Fixed another multiple parallel connections on timeout. 

2015-03-11: Version 0.5.3

* Fixed case where `connect` event was emitted multiple times.
* Fixed multiple parallel connections on timeout. 

2015-02-13: Version 0.5.2

* Fixed reconnection event when reconnecting without any active subscription.
* Replying to server heartbeats with a heartbeat.

2015-01-02: Version 0.5.1

* Fixed RPC responses with primitive data.
* Added new app/manager id and auth token authentication.
* Improved reconnection logic.
* Other bugfixes.

2014-11-17: Version 0.5.0

* Implemented multi-channel communication.
* Implemented Pub/Sub communication.

2014-10-30: Version 0.4.2

* Fixed `connect` trigger when connection is only successful after a reconnect.

2014-10-17: Version 0.4.1

* Fixed `connectApp()` backward compatibility.

2014-10-17: Version 0.4.0

* The library must now be instantiated.
* Added many events such as 'connect', 'reconnect', etc.
* Added idling detection and respective reconnection logic.

2014-10-15: Version 0.3.9

* Repackaged the npm module because it contained unnecessary files.

2014-04-15: Version 0.3.8

* Fixed an issue that prevented multiple user connections.

2014-04-08: Version 0.3.7

* Added support for the `deviceId` property in the handshake process.

2014-04-04: Version 0.3.6

* Fixed an issue that prevented participants to be correctly notified of file sharing invitations.

2013-10-02: Version 0.3.5

* Experimental: Added support for SSL in the browser (HTTPS) and in Node.js (WSS).
* Implemented the `activityTerminated` event for participants.
* Implemented a way to manually trigger the `ready` protocol message.
* Added a way to `.quit()` activities and participations.
* Added reconnection attempts for port 2080 if port 80 fails.

2013-07-05: Version 0.3.4

* Bumped browserify dependency because of a `npm install`-related issue.
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