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Publicly announce your support against internet censorship!

Join the dozens who have already pledged their support.


Generate Your Own

Running from the command line will generate a fresh freedom.txt file after a little prompting.

Add your new link to locations.txt as a seperate line in order to have the script automattically add it.

The following will add a custom freedom.txt into the local directory:

$ python 
What is your name? Michael Van Veen
Hi, my name is Michael Van Veen and I own this website.

I no longer wish to stay anonymous in the fight against Internet
censorship and those who want to close down our Internet.

An open Internet is more important than the interests of nation

An open Internet is more important than corporations.

An open Internet is more important than security, copyright
infringement, terrorism or child pornography.

Many governments have failed us because of ignorance and corruption;
they must be fought. Many corporations have failed us because of
their greed; they must be changed.

The interests of a few are not more important than the freedoms of
all, whether those interests are seeded in greed, control, religion,
or the false promises of security.

We will not be fooled by the strategies of fear employed by those
who wish to censor us.

A closed internet is a tool of oppression. An open internet is a
weapon of mass creation. Pick your sides. Create your own freedom.txt
on your websites. Use this freedom.txt as a template, if you'd like,
or head to for more information.

Thank you for reading.


"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much
liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."
- Thomas Jefferson


/etc/hosts Integration

experimental: Now supports /etc/hosts integration!

Running with the --with-hosts flag will add in your /etc/hosts file.

    - ::1
    - fe80::1%lo0

The --hosts-file switchoff will let you specify a custom hosts location to read from.

Finally, --write-hosts will write a HOSTS file in your local directory.

$python --hosts-file=/etc/hosts --write-hosts

default output ensues...

writing file [HOSTS]... OK

$ freedom.txt git:(etc_hosts) ✗ cat HOSTS         broadcasthost               localhost
::1                     localhost
fe80::1%lo0             localhost

Adding links

For now, send me a pull request with your link and I'll include it.

I plan to add a command line arg to add links automattically in the near future.

Currently Displayed Locations