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Yasem (Yet Another Stb EMulator) is an IPTV Set-Top-Box emulator for desktop platforms. It may be used to load IPTV portals to watch internet TV or for developing such portals using build-in developer tools from WebKit (like in Chrome/Chromium).

YASEM is free software licensed under the term of GPL v2. Some of its components may be licensed under different terms.


Yasem distributed with plugins (by default they all will be downloaded and built):

Main plugins

Optional plugins

How to compile

git clone --recursive
cd yasem

to run

cd bin

You may also change output directory by passing variable YASEM_OUTPUT_DIR to qmake

qmake YASEM_OUTPUT_DIR=/destination/directory

It may be difficult for some users to build yasem-qtav-mediaplayer plugin (especially on Windows), because it requires to get libav or ffmpeg sources, QtAV sources and some work to copy all required libaries into Yasem output folder. In this case you can make yasem without QtAV media player plugin. To do that open, find variable SUBDIRS and remove line plugins/yasem-qtav-mediaplayer from the list of subprojects.


  • Qt 5.2+ (5.5 is recommended) with Webkit support;
  • C++11 compatible compiler (tested with GCC and Clang);

Plugin requirements

Optional requirements

Linux/*nix only:

  • cifs-utils & smbtree - for SAMBA support;
  • sudo with no-password option for "mount" command - to mount network shares (SAMBA);

WARNING: Some functionality may not be available with Qt version less than 5.5

Installation on different OS


sudo apt-get install libavutil-dev libavformat-dev libavcodec-dev libswscale-dev portaudio19-dev libopenal-dev libavresample-dev libva-dev libxv-dev libass-dev

then follow "How to compile" block.


Install yasem from AUR:

yaourt -S yasem-git


  1. Download and install the latest version of Qt and QtCreator.
  2. Download yasem from this repository and open it in QtCreator.
  • If you want to build Yasem with QtAV media player:
  • If not, open, find variable SUBDIRS and remove line plugins/yasem-qtav-mediaplayer from the list of subprojects.
  1. Build and run yasem.


  1. Make sure you have clang installed.

  2. Get and install Qt 5.

  3. Get yasem sources.

  4. Since QtAV in OS X is not supported by YASEM yet, you can build YASEM with Qt player only. To do that open, find variable SUBDIRS and remove line plugins/yasem-qtav-mediaplayer from the list of subprojects.

  5. Run


That should be enough. If video can't be played make sure you have all required codecs installed.

By default all app files are packed into a bundle. If you want to get all files separately (like in other OS) add option CONFIG-=app_bundle to qmake.


There is a simple configuration dialog, but in most cases you'd better change configuration files in ~/.config/yasem (C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/yasem on Windows).

Portable version

To make YASEM portable just create config directory next to yasem's binary. All settings and profiles will be stored there.

Command line flags

You can use some of command line options:

--fullscreen - to run App in fullscreen mode.
--developer-tools - to open developer tools on start.
--verbose - Print extra log information in Release mode (only Linux and OS X).
--log=<file name> - Write log in a file. If you don't see a log file, make sure you have write access to a file and/or directory.

You also may open developer tools anytime from yasem's main menu.

Known issues


Bitcoin: 1J1r4Ed5v76ym2o52bfY9MZ9XzTuDn4Yjo

Copyright © 2013-2015 Maxim Vasilchuk


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