A free and open platform giving all musicians access to tools that let them manage, promote, and sell their music online.
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CASH Music Self-Install Platform

The CASH Music platform gives everyone access to tools that let them manage, promote, and sell their music online — all owned and controlled themselves.

The whole thing is designed to work as a freestanding API or integrated with publishing and CMS systems like Wordpress or Drupal. This repo contains the core framework, installers, an admin webapp, APIs, demos, and a full suite of tests.

Build Status


One of our goals is for this to run in as many places as possible, so we've worked hard to keep the requirements as minimal as possible:

  • PHP 5.2.7+
  • PDO and MySQL OR SQLite
  • mod_rewrite (for admin)
  • fopen wrappers OR cURL


Coders: Just fork/clone this repo, cd into the new /platform folder, and run:

make install

choosing SQLite will get you up and running fastest. Next just point Apache or MAMP at the /platform directory and view http://localhost/ in a browser.

Non-coders: We've included a web installer specifically meant for installing over FTP to a web host. Just download it here, create a new folder for it on your web host, upload, and visit in a web browser. The installer will do the rest.

Working with the platform

For musicians, the primary workflow is just logging into the admin app, managing their world, and defining new elements for public-facing promos. Publishing is always a single line copy+paste away, no real coding needed.

The best way to currently embed an element is with a line of PHP, but we're also working on a JavaScript embed and WordPress plugin. Our PHP includes look like:

	include('/path/to/cash/framework/php/cashmusic.php'); // Initialize CASH Music ?>
	CASHSystem::embedElement(1); // CASH element 

For developers looking to build custom functionality we've built a request/response process as the primary interface to the PHP framework. It mimics a REST-style API and standardizes calls and responses across the methods...so the PHP interaction will be nearly identical to future REST or verbose interactions.

The PHP Request/Response looks like this:

	$sample_request = new CASHRequest(
			'cash_request_type' => 'calendar', 
			'cash_action' => 'getevent',
			'id' => 43

		"status_code":404, // http-style status code
		"status_uid":"calendar_getevent_404", // uid of the response (request + status)
		"status_message":"Not Found", // http-style status message
		"contextual_message":"Event not found", // more specific error message
		"request_type":"calendar", // echo of the request type
		"action":"getevent", // echo of the request action
		"payload":false, // contents of the response, or false if error
		"api_version":2, // version number
		"timestamp":1335416260 // request timestamp


More about our testing habits in the test suite README

Admin App

We've got a README for that dude too.

CASH Music Branches + Tags

We try to keep the 'master' branch release-ready at all times, but it is the first place new changes are merged into — be aware that it will break from time to time. Contributors are asked to fork, create a branch, and submit pull requests to 'master.'

The 'latest_stable' branch will always point to the most recent public release.

Copyright & License

The CASH Music platform is (c) 2010-2012 CASH Music, licensed under the AGPL license