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FastReflection ReadMe


FastReflection was forked on March 8, 2011 from a CodePlex project created by [Darren Kopp] DarrenBlog.

Here is the first part of project description from CodePlex:

"The Fast Reflection project provides a way to speed up the time it takes to interact with the member of a type by reflection. Currently, only properties are supported, but I am planning on creating similar classes for all member types.

"The Fast Reflection project allows you to cut down the time it takes to invoke members via reflection through the use of Expression trees and Delegates.

"You can read more about the code on my first write up about it on my blog. There have been quite a few changes since I originally wrote that and the code released here, but the premise is basically still the same.

Example Usage:

var value = new FastProperty(propertyInfo).Get(instance);

new FastProperty(propertyInfo).Set(instance, value);

How To Build:

The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.

  1. Run InstallGems.bat to get the ruby dependencies (only needs to be run once per computer)
  2. open a command prompt to the root folder and type rake to execute rakefile.rb

If you do not have ruby:

  1. You need to create a src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file. Go.bat will copy src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs.default to src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs
  2. open src\FastReflection.sln with Visual Studio and build the solution


Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)