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A fluent DSL around Web Driver

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FluentBrowserAutomation ReadMe


FluentBrowserAutomation is a fluent domain-specific language (DSL) around Web Driver.


public void Should_verify_the_expiration_after_setting_the_name()
    var With.Browser<ChromeDriver>(BaseUrl, false)
            x => x.InputWithLabel("Name:").SetTo("Jones"),
            x => x.WaitUntil(y => y.InputWithId("selectAll").IsVisible().IsTrue),
            x => x.InputWithId("expiration").ShouldBeEqualTo("5/2/2013")

How To Build:

The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.

  1. Run InstallGems.bat to get the ruby dependencies (only needs to be run once per computer)
  2. open a command prompt to the root folder and type rake to execute rakefile.rb

If you do not have ruby:

  1. You need to create a src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file. Go.bat will copy src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs.default to src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs
  2. open src\FluentBrowserAutomation.sln with Visual Studio and build the solution


MIT License

This project is part of MVBA's Open Source Projects.

If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact us at

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