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StarterTree ReadMe


StarterTree is a simple Hello, World! application used as a starting place for creating new projects.

It has the following features:

  • Default project structure (src, lib, tools folders)
  • Simple rake script using albacore with tasks to create CommonAssemblyInfo.cs, build the Visual Studio 10 based solution, and run the NUnit test runner.
  • The sample application, StarterTree, configure StructureMap, our Inversion of Control container to provide a HelloWorld class as a Singleton. It contains a test fixture, HelloWorld, that exercises the StarterTree.Core class library.
  • Includes provenance.txt files in the lib and tools folders to show the source of the dependencies. See lib/Provenance.txt.template for an example.

How To Build:

The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.

  1. Run InstallGems.bat to get the ruby dependencies (only needs to be run once per computer)
  2. open a command prompt to the root folder and type rake to execute rakefile.rb

If you do not have ruby:

  1. You need to create a src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file. Go.bat will copy src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs.default to src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs
  2. open src\StarterTree.sln with Visual Studio and build the solution


MIT License

This project is part of MVBA's Open Source Projects.

If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact us at