Android application to show information from some Moscow transportation system tickets
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This is Android application to see what inside Moscow trasportation system tickets.

Latest stable version

This project is update to actual state of another old project

This project has no value as Android application because several projects with better functionality exist in Android Market now (for example Транспортные карты Москвы). This project interesting as open source example of working with NFC and for understanding "How things made" (about Moscow transportation system tickets). It is not a target of this project "brake" security system to make "unlimited" ticket.

source files encoding is utf-8

Author of original project said:

I live in california now, so I can not update the app.

I doing my best to make this project actual.

Some restrictions exist:

  • Work only with "paper" tickets (Mifare Ultralight® and modern Micron JSC). It because new android phones use NFC chip with reduced functionality. Modern Broadcom NFC chip can't read Mifare Classic 1K (Troika ticket based on it)
  • All information for this project gathered by reverce engeneering and information may be not correct. I don't know official source of information about tickets format and used chips.

Version numbering:

  • 2.00 - alpha version, very unstable, experimental
  • 2.00b - betta version, based on alpha version with the same number, more stable
  • 2.00r - stable release

I will never create release version for this application. This projech has no value as application (see below)

How to build:

Open this project in Android Studio. Allow Android Studio renerate gradle wrapper. Click on "app" in Project tree. Select "Build>Edit Build Types". Select module "app" and "Signing" tab. Set Signing options according to you local settings. If you want to build only unsigned debug version - clean all settings there and select "Build>Build APK". In this case created APK can be found in app/build/outputs/apk directory.

Tools to get information:

Latest changes:

  • Link to homepage at help and start screen
  • Automaticaly change application icon according to build type
  • Automaticaly generate apk file name

You can see full change log

MIFARE® is a trademark of NXP B.V.

MIFARE Ultralight® is a trademark of NXP B.V.