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JSON2Page renders JSON to HTML


Add the page/json2page file to your HTML and use the json2page function.
Use it like this in CoffeeScript:

window.onload = ->
  mnt = q "#mnt"
  data =
    class: "border"
    $: [
        class: "a"
        $: [
          "": "span", _: "inner text"
      }, {
        class: "a", $: [
          "": "span", _: "more text"
  log data
  mnt.innerHTML = json2page data

Or you can install that from NPM (you may need to add sudo):

npm install -g json2page

And use this in you node files:

render = require("json2page").json2page
render "data"


An element is an object, it has attributes and names.
Empty key "" refers to an value reprecents the tag name.
Key _ refers an raw string as innerHTML.
Key $ refers to child elements. It's any array.
Other keys will be rendered to attributes.