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A command-line helper which writes in JSON, much like Grunt(still an idea)
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Rain-boots makes Node plugins communicate

for CoffeeScript developers.


Rain-boots uses Cakefile to start new tasks.
All plugins are named *-boots so people may recognize them.
Rain-boots plugins are installed from NPM.

First, install rain-boots from NPM:

npm install -g rain-boots

Each plugin expose its eventEmitter to Cakefile.
Then you may connect different plugins via events.

Create a plugin

The module rain-boots provies a global eventEmitter named rain,
the boots variable has some useful functions about file operations.

{rain, boots} = require "rain-boots"

events = require "events"
exports.rain = new events.EventEmitter

exports.rain.on "create event", (some_data) ->
  more_data = do_somthing()
  exports.rain.emit "event end", more_data

The it can be referred with code:

that_plugin = require("that_plugin").rain

All things are connected with events.

Docs in Chinese

Read my issues about my plan:

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