Sass-based CSS Architecture
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We use Semantic Versioning for all versioning. When you make a Major, Minor, or Patch update, you'll need to the do the following:

  • Run the build to update the build files (grunt build) and verify nothing breaks
  • Update the file
  • Update the version number in application.sass
  • Add the new tag locally
  • Push the tag (along with your commit(s))
  • Update the version number in the documentation


If you want to compile MVCSS into an application.css (and application.min.css) file, you'll need to first install Gulp.js:

npm install -g gulp -cli

Next, install dependencies:

npm install

And then run:

gulp build

You should now have a css directory in build/ with the compiled CSS files.


MVCSS is licensed under the MIT License.