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mvdan CI: start caching ~/.cabal/, ~/.ghc/, and dist/
This should hopefully lead to much faster build times. In practive
however, it only seems to save us about a minute from the original 12 or

While at it, simplify the series of cabal commands to run. Even with
caching, cabal can take a non-trivial time to realise it doesn't need to
do anything.
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This library defines an Interpreter monad. It allows to load Haskell modules, browse them, type-check and evaluate strings with Haskell expressions and even coerce them into values. The library is thread-safe and type-safe (even the coercion of expressions to values).

It is, essentially, a huge subset of the GHC API wrapped in a simpler API.

Compatibility is kept with the three last major GHC releases. For example, if the current version is GHC 8.4, Hint will work on 8.4, 8.2 and 8.0.


Check example.hs to see a simple but comprehensive example (it must be run from the examples directory).