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shell: add a package godoc note for Windows paths

As suggested in #356, since this can be a common misconception.
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mvdan committed Feb 22, 2019
1 parent f475721 commit df5f8fe4dd558f37a795669370965f214db9eec1
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// Package shell contains high-level features that use the syntax, expand, and
// interp packages under the hood.
// Please note that this package uses POSIX Shell syntax. As such, path names on
// Windows need to use double backslashes or be within single quotes when given
// to functions like Fields. For example:
// shell.Fields("echo /foo/bar") // on Unix-like
// shell.Fields("echo C:\\foo\\bar") // on Windows
// shell.Fields("echo 'C:\foo\bar'") // on Windows, with quotes
package shell

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