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Server Hosting

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The goal of this section is to explain what's new and different when using JK2MV and is not intended to be a full documentation of how to host a server. If you are a beginner, have a look at this Tutorial written by Miso.

Hosting a server is - at least nearly - the same it was with original JK2 versions. To host a server with JK2MV you can either use the client or the dedicated server executable. However, it is recommended to use the dedicated version as it is more optimized for this purpose.

If you don't care about any of the features JK2MV comes with, default settings are always intended and optimized to use JK2MV as a drop-in replacement. Just replace your old jk2ded with the shiny new jk2mvded and you are set.


  • Fixes all known security holes and a lot of other bugs.
  • No library workarounds / additional library installation needed on Linux.
  • Native 64 bit support.
  • Compatible with legacy clients. (standard, old JK2 version)
  • Compatible with most modifications.
  • You can host a dedicated server on MacOSX. There never has been a dedicated server for MacOSX before.
  • More secure executable due to support for DEP / ASLR.
  • Easy to compile by yourself.
  • Opensource (GPLv2)
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