@mvdicarlo mvdicarlo released this Feb 26, 2018 · 21 commits to master since this release

Assets 14

New Features

  • SoFurry will now use BBCode for PostyBirb and JournalBirb.
  • Added character/letter counter to JournalBirb + Updated the ones used in PostyBirb.
  • Date picker for scheduling posts now allows you to actually clear text from it.
  • e621 will now correctly tag images based on rating (rating:s, rating:q, rating:e).

Bug Fixes

  • Increased wait time between each Fur Affinity post in hopes to avoid silent failures when posting many at once.
  • Attempt to fix links for FurryNetwork markdown.
  • Attempt to fix issue with descriptions being removed when closing custom description boxes.
  • Another code refactor (again I hope it broke nothing major).
  • Fixed issue where selecting a DeviantArt folder would break saving a submission.
  • e621 will now correctly set ratings for Extreme content.
  • Things should no longer break when changing screens when using multi-file screen.