@mvdicarlo mvdicarlo released this Sep 18, 2018 · 12 commits to master since this release

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New Features

  • Mastodon is now supported.
  • PaigeeWorld is now supported.
  • Aryion/Eka's Portal now supported.
  • Added a remove all button to additional images.
  • Pixiv advanced options now includes Content (religion, violent, etc.).
  • PostyBirb may now show new polls that you can open and participate in.
  • Inkbunny will now try to verify access token.
  • Logins will now sort based on name and login status.
  • Russian translation option added (thanks to Sledyn).

Bug Fixes

  • Discord button should now be working correctly.
  • Attempt to fix issue where a submission form sometimes won't allow any saving.
  • Fixed PostyBirb tray image size on OSX/Mac.
  • Fixed issue for Twitter where it would only post a max of 3 in a single submission.


  • Updated Electron, Electron-Builder, Electron-Updater.
  • Reduced the amount of ambient calls to most websites.
  • Split logs and configs into separate .json files.
  • Finnish translations updated.
  • Updated how layout html is coded.