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@mvdicarlo mvdicarlo released this Jul 8, 2019 · 8 commits to PB-Next since this release

New Features

  • Ability to revive/regenerate an old post through the logs tab. This is highly untested and you will need to change the image of the submission created (if applicable).
  • Newgrounds blog support. (pretty basic).
  • Fur Affinity tags now try to fit as many tags into the 250 character limit as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • DeviantArt shortcut :daUSERNAME: now converts to :iconUSERNAME: when sent to DeviantArt.
  • Fixed bug where Journal submissions would not validate Discord options.
  • Fix Ko-fi journal submission that was broken by changes on their end.


  • Failed posts caused by internal errors should now log a bit better.
  • Minor tweaks to notification css to hopefully make them less large.
  • Notifications now clear themselves faster.
  • Duplicate tag notification no longer occurs when adding tags from tag groups.

Trying to Reproduce This Bug

  • Attempting to find issue of templates being created in a weird state that would cause posts using them to break.
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