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A Gameboy Emulator in Rust
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mvdnes Reduce CPU usage
After processing all events, wait for the next GPU update. This reduces
the amount of time spent in the eventloop
Latest commit 27a2b87 Oct 19, 2018
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roms Move all non-source files from src to root Jun 25, 2014
src Reduce CPU usage Oct 19, 2018
.gitignore Update glium and add Cargo.lock Nov 10, 2015
.travis.yml Fix travis for cpal Oct 12, 2015
Cargo.lock Update glium to 0.22 Oct 18, 2018
Cargo.toml Update glium to 0.22 Oct 18, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Jan 24, 2014
Makefile Implement printing Jan 13, 2018

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