Open Source shooter Relic Hunters Zero
Game Maker Language GLSL NSIS
Latest commit 4cf1d9a Oct 16, 2016 @mventurelli Update 15 - Daily Run Rebalancing
Enemy projectiles that destroy player shields now deal 40% of the remaining damage to health;
Enemy projectile speed increased by 30% across the board;
"Wanted" enemy damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%;
"Steroids" now gives a maximum of 100 hp per stack;
"High Tech" now gives a maximum of 50 shields per stack;
Daily Run now spawns a new Challenge every level instead of every 2 levels;
"Light Focus", "Medium Focus" and "Heavy Focus" are now Rare challenges and no longer stack;
"Light Focus", "Medium Focus" and "Heavy Focus" bonus damage increased from 30% to 75%;
Cover HP increased by 50% across the board;
Punny now moves as fast as Pinkyy;

Fixed a bug where the wrong type of Challenge icon would show up on the HUD sometimes;
Failed to load latest commit information. Update 15 - Daily Run Rebalancing Oct 16, 2016
fonts Update 1 Aug 20, 2015
LICENSE.txt Update LICENSE.txt Aug 18, 2015 Readme Aug 11, 2015
locSheet.csv Year 2 Update 14 - Steam version Aug 18, 2016

Relic Hunters Zero Open Source Project

Let's make an open, free, collaborative game together! "Updated forever" is our motto :)

Please read the attached LICENSE.txt

Project Setup

A complete tutorial on download and installation can be found here:


We have a public Trello board for contributors:

You are free to mod the game to your heart's desire. If you would like to contribute to the Steam build ("master" branch) with a bug fix or new features just submit a pull request. For everything else, just come to our forums and let's talk!


If you have questions about the project, please check our forums. Relic Hunters Zero is targeted at beginners, don't be shy, come talk to us. We also have some pretty neat tutorials!

*Stay creative! :)