MongoDB Dockerfile based on light alpine container
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This repository contains Dockerfile for MongoDB 4.0 container, based on the Alpine edge image.


As a prerequisite, you need Docker to be installed.

To download this image from the public docker hub:

$ docker pull mvertes/alpine-mongo

To re-build this image from the dockerfile:

$ docker build -t mvertes/alpine-mongo .


To run mongod:

$ docker run -d --name mongo -p 27017:27017 mvertes/alpine-mongo

You can also specify the database repository where to store the data with the volume -v option:

$ docker run -d --name mongo -p 27017:27017 \
  -v /somewhere/onmyhost/mydatabase:/data/db \

To run a shell session:

$ docker exec -ti mongo sh

To use the mongo shell client:

$ docker exec -ti mongo mongo

The mongo shell client can also be run its own container:

$ docker run -ti --rm --name mongoshell mongo host:port/db


  • On MacOSX, volumes located in a virtualbox shared folder are not supported, due to a limitation of virtualbox (default docker-machine driver) not supporting fsync().