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ScreenCapture ISAPI module
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ScreenCapture ISAPI module

Last update: 2001

By installing this ISAPI module on your IIS server, you can view server-side desktop activity in any web browser. You can use this to build a rudimentary remote desktop viewer for your server.


Copy file screencapture.dll in the appropriate location on your web server. For PWS and IIS this folder is usually c:\inetpub\scripts

Usage example

  1. http://localhost/scripts/screencapture.dll/about

    Display a short message Response type is text/html

  2. http://localhost/scripts/screencapture.dll


    Display a screen capture of server screen. Response type is image/jpeg

    Optionaly you can provide additional parameters via querystring:

    1. width - width of the image (by default is screen width)
    2. height - height of the image (by default is screen height)
    3. compres - number between 1-100 to indicate jpeg compression level (by default is 100 - maximum quality)
    4. time - if you want to print server time over image
  3. For a quick example, please check "default.asp" file.


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