Web Application for implementing online testing / assessment in schools and universities.
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Last update: 2003

Web Application for implementing online testing / assessment in schools and universities. http://www.powertests.net

PowerTest .NET is a web based multi-user educational software specially designed for usage in schools and universities as an assessment tool or for web based learning. Due to implemented features, the system can be used as a replacement for traditional assessment methods or as a complementary tool. Available in Romanian and English.


  • For a better understanding of PowerTest.NET capabilities we highly recommend to check first these screencasts.


  • Designed for educational environments only (not for companies - like other products);
  • Tests with unlimited number of items selected explicit or random based on special filtering criteria;
  • Tests must be solved in a given amount of time;
  • Test items can contain formatted text and graphics;
  • Test items can have up to 26 answers defined. Each answer can be selected from 4 different types: simple selection (radio buttons), multiple selection (checkbox-es), multiple multi selection (combobox-es) and input yourself (textbox-es);
  • Intuitive GUI to allow students to focus on tests and not to user interface;
  • Great accessibility: the application can be accessed from any point on the internet;
  • Student results are saved inside the system for future analyses and comprehensive reports;
  • Designed using the last standards about educational software;
  • State of the art security for user data;
  • Minimal system requirements (just a web browser).

Problem Editor


  • Administrator
    • Manages system configuration
    • Creates and manages professor accounts
  • Professor
    • Creates and manages classes
    • Set rules / approves student enrolment to classes
    • Creates tests and questionnaires
    • See reports of students’ activity and results
  • Student
    • Enroll to classes
    • Takes tests and assessments
    • View self-results


  • Front-end: pure DHTML (DOM + CSS + Scripting) for IE5.5 with VBScript as scripting language
  • Back-end: Classic ASP pages with VBScript as scripting language
  • Database: Microsoft .MDB


  • The powerful problem editor used by PowerTests.NET is also available as a separate project named Web Word Editor