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Changes for App::EditorTools
0.19 - Thu Jun 19 22:35:51 EDT 2014
Let users choose their own leader key, simplify menu
Since not all vim users might like to use the comma as their leader, we
can simply use "<leader>" instead of "," when mapping the editor tools
commands. (Thanks to mannih for the patch.)
Updates pod and makes layout more github friendly.
0.18 - Tue Dec 10 12:25:15 EST 2013
Fixes several problems with the emacs file that's installed. Thankes to
lackita++ for the patch on github.
* If the command failed, the entire contents of the file would be wiped
* out, now it just puts a message in the minibuffer.
* Extracted some methods to remove duplication and clarify intent.
* Introduce temporary variable was using the start column value as the end
* column value.
* Rename package was renaming all packages to the file path name.
Fixes Changes file to adhere to CPAN::Changes spec
0.17 - Mon Oct 22 15:49:29 EDT 2012
Fixes bug in the emacs script RT#80315
Improves the vim script
0.16 - Tue Jul 19 10:40:04 EDT 2011
Bug fix for tests -- missing SKIP: label on a skip block
0.15 - Thu Jul 14 14:40:36 EDT 2011
Added ability to renamepackagefrompath to work through symlinks
- Bug fixes
- Added versions to all Perl files
- Misc cleanup
0.14 - Mon Dec 6 14:28:49 EST 2010
Fixed bug that may appear with newer versions of App::Cmd. Thanks to
kentnl++ for the report and patch (RT#63018).
0.12 - Tue Mar 30 17:29:06 2010
Moved vim/emacs script into a share directory (from DATA).
Improved the documenation a bit.
0.11 - Thu Mar 25 13:28:50 2010
Minor bug fix to install-emacs command.
0.10 - Thu Mar 25 13:20:30 2010
Added install-vim and install-emacs command to make binding install
easier and more portable. Improved documentation and testing.
0.09 - Thu Dec 10 12:55:30 2009
Added version requirement for Test::More in Build.PL so we can use
0.08 - Sat Nov 14 16:56:51 2009
Convert tests from IPC::Run3 to App::Cmd::Testers to fix tests on certain platforms
0.07 - Fri Nov 13 13:03:23 2009
Removed unnecessary FindBin::libs rereq
0.06 - Wed Sep 23 00:00:00 2009
Updated to work with App:Cmd 0.301
- changed run sub to execute
- changed -run to App->run
2009-07-20 Mark Grimes <>
Added a contributors section to Authors pod
2009-07-20 Shlomi Fish <>
Corrected the wrong path for ftplugin/perl.
2009-07-20 Shlomi Fish <>
Corrected a typo - "script" instead of "scrip".
2009-07-20 Shlomi Fish <>
* INSTALL: Corrected the package name.
2009-07-06 Mark Grimes <>
script/editortools-vim: Resolved RT 47635/47616/47617
- Added Ovid's PickFromList function to editortools.vim
- Fixed dep
- Added version info to vim script
- Changed shebang
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