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This Dancer plack middleware detects mobile browsers and optionally redirects. The regex used is straight
from Thanks to Chad Smith for all his hard work.
To install make the following directories under APPLICATION/lib
Copy to APPLICATION/lib/Dancer/Middleware
In your dancer apps config.yaml add the following lines, note the redirect_to and the line following is optional.
- "+Dancer::Middleware::SmartPhoneDetection"
- redirect_to
- ""
DetectMobileBrowser sets an environment variable MOBILE_BROWSER. This variable can be used in your routes thusly
get '/' => sub {
if(request->env->{ MOBILE_BROWSER }) {
debug('Smart phone yeah !');
} else {
debug('Boring standard browser yeah !');
Or if the redirect_to variable is set the request will be redirected if the browser is detected to be a mobile browser.