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Command line interface for NetworkManager

* What

cnetworkmanager is a command-line client for NetworkManager, intended to
supplement and replace the GUI applets.

It is licensed under the GPL v2 or later.

* Where

* Screenshot (from 0.20)

$ cnetworkmanager -h
Usage: cnetworkmanager [options]

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -w BOOL, --wifi=BOOL  Enable or disable wireless
  -o BOOL, --online=BOOL
                        Enable or disable network at all
  --state               Print the NM state
  --whe, --wireless-hardware-enabled
                        Print whether the WiFi is enabled
  -d, --device-list, --dev
                        List devices
  --device-info=DEV, --di=DEV
                        Info about device DEV (by interface or UDI(TODO))
  -a, -n, --ap-list, --ap, --nets
                        List access points
  --ap-info=AP, --ai=AP
                        Info about access point AP (by hw address or
  -u, --usrcon          List user connection settings
  -s, --syscon          List system connection settings
  -c, --actcon          List active connections
  --demo                Run a random demonstration of the API
                        activate the KIND(user/system) connection ID on device
                        DEV using APMAC.
  -m, --monitor         loop to show dbus signals
  -C SSID, --connect=SSID
                        Connect to a wireless network SSID (creating the
                        configuration using the key options below)
  --unprotected         network does not require a key
  --wep-hex=KEY         use this WEP key of 26 hex digits
  --wep-pass=KEY        use this WEP passphrase
  --wpa-psk-hex=KEY     use this WPA key of 64 hex digits
  --wpa-pass=KEY        use this WPA passphrase

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