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Ruby call graph, class dependencies, code browser
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Code Explorer



Starts a local web server which lets you apply the other tools to all *.rb files in a directory subtree.


This makes a call graph among methods of a single Ruby file.

I made it to help me orient myself in unfamiliar legacy code and to help identify cohesive parts that could be split out.


Identifies fully qualified class names and makes an inheritance graph




Running from Source

bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec code-explorer


One file in YaST has around 2700 lines and 73 methods. The call graph below was made with

$ bin/call-graph ../yast/packager/src/modules/Packages.rb
$ dot -Tpng -oPackages.png ../yast/packager/src/modules/

If the resulting size is too big, use ImageMagick:

$ convert Packages.png -resize 1200 Packages-small.png

Packages.png, an example output

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