Simple jquery plugin that transforms unordered (ul) and ordered (ol) lists into scrollable lists
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This jquery plugin makes it easy to turn your long lists into shorter ones that are scrollable. It works on both ol and ul


  • Easily turn ordered or unordered lists into scrollable lists
  • Configurable
  • No ugly scrollbars

Contributions and comments are welcome using Github at:

Please note that scrollableLists requires:

  • jquery >= 1.5.0

(that is the version I tested with, it probably works though with much earlier versions. Let me know which ones and I will update this README)


  1. Download this git
  2. Add scrollableLists.js to your public javascript directory


  • li_height : (integer) - height of the individual list items in the list in px (defaults to 20px)
  • per_page : (integer) - number of items per page (defaults to 10)
  • a_color : (string) - font color of up/down link (defaults to '#000')
  • a_background : (string) - background color of up/down link (defaults to '#fff')
  • a_hover_color : (string) - font color of up/down link when hovering over it (defaults to '#fff')
  • a_hover_background : (string) - background color of up/down link when hovering over it (defaults to '#555')
  • plugin_class : (string) - class that gets added to target only scrollableList html elements, there really is no need to change this (defaults to 'scrollable-list')
  • up_symbol : (string) - string used to represent scroll Up (defaults to '↑')
  • down_symbol : (string) - string used to represent scroll Down (defaults to '↓')
  • symbol_size : (string) - font-size of up/down link (defaults to '14px')
  • duration : (integer) - duration of animation (defaults to 300)
  • easing : (string) - jquery easing string, see jquery animation function for details (defaults to 'swing')


  1. Call the scrollableLists jquery function on any ul or ol you want to transform into a scrollable list

E.g. given the following list

<ul class="scrollable-list">
  <li><a href="#">Element</a></li>

you can add the following to the head-section of your html file:

  $(function() {
    $('.scrollable-list').scrollableLists({'per_page'  : 5, symbol_size: '20px'});

See the included example.html file for further details.

Bugs & Contribution

Please use Github to report bugs, feature requests and submit your code:

  • author: Mark Vilrokx
  • date: 2011/31/07