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Victor 70C DMM software for Linux (multimeter)
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Victor70C software for Linux

Victor 70C is a Digital Multimeter (DMM) made by Shenzhen Victor Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. It is also distributed as OEM by different companies. For example, in Brazil, it is sold as EZA EZ-735 (see the following picture).

EZA EZ-735

Unfortunately, there is no open source software available to access this DMM in Linux. Thus, this program is the first step in order to have an open source tool to decode the USB packets and displays the output as shown in the DMM's LCD.


This program uses HIDAPI to access the USB interface on Linux. Since HIDAPI is a multi-platform library, this program may also work with Windows and OS X (Although it has not been tested yet).

First of all, download and build HIDAPI:

git clone git://
cd hidapi/linux

Download, build and install the victor70C app:

git clone git://
cd victor70c
# edit the right HIDAPI path in the Makefile
make install

Setting up permissions for USB ports

By default, only root has full access to the usb devices. To change that, copy the udev rules files to /etc/udev/rules.d/ and restart the udev service:

cp 45-victorusbhidrule.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
/etc/init.d/udev restart

Usage examples

Usage: victor70c [options] duration
-i --interval          interval in seconds between each read
-v --verbose           turn on verbose output
-h --help              print this help message

Example of how to read AC Amps for 5 seconds:

$ victor70c 5
1334452992.788321 0.986 A AC
1334452993.372336 0.988 A AC
1334452994.508409 1.155 A AC
1334452995.044356 1.155 A AC
1334452995.636368 1.216 A AC
1334452996.156378 1.237 A AC
1334452996.700382 1.221 A AC
1334452997.308444 1.243 A AC
1334452997.900399 1.219 A AC


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