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0 hey
1 one
1st first
2day today
2marrow tomorrow
2mrw tomorrow
2 to
2 too
4 for
4get forget
abt about
acc actually
afta after
ahh ah
aight alright
ain ain't
aint ain't
alll all
allll all
allllllllll all
ammmmmazing amazing
amzn amazing
animtion animation
anniversery anniversary
anyones anyone's
appearal apparel
appli apply
appology apology
aqen again
aquired acquired
aree are
areee are
askin asking
b4 before
babyyyy baby
bak back
bball ball
bb baby
b be
bberry blackberry
bc because
bck back
bcuz because
bday birthday
bedddd bed
beggin begging
bf boyfriend
bg background
bhee be
bhu but
bicthh bitch
biebers bieber's
bio biology
biq big
bizness business
bkk break
blck black
blockin blocking
bn been
boi boy
boyt about
bridgr bridge
bro brother
brrr brr
bs bullshit
bt but
buggin bugging
buh but
bullshitin bullshitting
bussiness business
buyed buy
buyin buying
byeee bye
cann can
caz because
chem chemistry
chiick chick
chillin chilling
cho your
cleaaan clean
cmputr computer
cnt can't
cofused confused
comin coming
comingg coming
comming coming
confrims confirms
congradulations congratulations
congrats congratulations
congratz congratulations
cont continued
convo conversation
cookin cooking
coulda could
coult could
coz because
coz cause
crazi crazy
c see
culd could
cum come
curiousity curiosity
cus because
cuz because
cuz cause
d4t that
d4tts that's
daamn damn
damnnn damn
dat data
da the
dats that's
dat that
deadlies deadlines
def definitely
dese these
de the
dey they
dha the
didnt didn't
dieingg dying
diiiiiirty dirty
dnt didn't
dnt don't
doin doing
dolla dollar
dont don't
doood dude
doooooooo do
draggin dragging
drivin driving
d the
du do
dumbbb dumb
dy dye
eather either
edcation education
ee he
eer here
effed fucked
eff fuck
eing being
embarrased embarrassed
enitiree entire
esp especially
every1 everyone
evrybodi everybody
exp experience
expierince experience
faar far
fab fabulous
fam family
fasho fashion
favs favorites
fawk fuck
fb facebook
fck fuck
fckn fucking
feelign feeling
fess confess
f fuck
fics fictions
fiiiine fine
finge finger
finna finally
fkn fucking
flippin flipping
flirtin flirting
fo for
follwers followers
fone phone
foreevvvvverrr forever
foto photo
freakin freaking
friiied fried
frm from
frnds friends
fuckin fucking
fuckn fucking
fukk fuck
fuun fun
fux fucks
fxckin fucking
g0t got
gat got
gatta gotta
gayyyyyy gay
gettim getting
gettin getting
gf girlfriend
ghe the
girrrrl girl
givin giving
goid good
goin going
gon going
gon gonna
goood good
gota gotta
gt got
gud good
happend happened
hatas haters
haterz haters
havent haven't
hav have
hawtness hotness
heeyy hey
hert hurt
heyyy hey
heyyyy hey
hilirious hilarious
himm him
hmwrk homework
holdd hold
holdin holding
holla holler
homie homeboy
horray hooray
hott hot
hotttt hot
hrs hours
hunni honey
hurttss hurts
hustlin hustling
hve have
hw homework
hw how
ibe I'm
iht it
iight right
ii I
ima I'll
im am
im I'm
imprv improve
industr industry
inportant important
interestin interesting
interestng interesting
interveiw interview
iphones iphone's
irrate irate
ish shit
ish wish
isnt isn't
itailian Italian
iza is
jaz just
jerkk jerk
jewlery jewelry
jus just
juss just
justins justin's
keepin keeping
kickin kicking
killa killer
kissin kissing
knoee know
knoe know
kno know
k ok
kool cool
kools cools
ladyish ladylike
lawd lord
layin laying
leanin leaning
leavin leaving
lil little
listenting listening
liveeee live
lodg lodged
lookin looking
looooong long
loveeee love
lovee love
lovin loving
lurvv love
lyke like
lyk like
maannnn man
mackin making
mah my
makeing making
makin making
m am
matress mattress
mee me
meh me
meh whatever
mf motherfucker
mins minutes
mis miss
missin missing
mixx mix
mnths months
mobi mobile
mor more
mos most
mouf mouth
moviiie movie
movin moving
msg message
muh my
myy my
nah no
n and
naturalll natural
naw now
neway anyway
newww new
niea near
nigga nigger
niggas niggers
niggaz niggers
nighting night
niigga nigger
n in
niqqa nigger
nitee night
nite night
nobodie nobody
noo no
nooo no
noooo no
nooooo no
nothin nothing
nthn nothing
ntn nothing
nt not
nuthin nothing
nvr never
nw now
nxt next
od have
ohh oh
okiee okay
o of
o oh
otha other
outta out
ouuuttt out
ovr over
owerrrr ow
parkin parking
partyin partying
pedestrains pedestrians
pervs perverts
phat fat
pice price
pic picture
pics pictures
pik pick
pix pictures
plannin planning
playe player
playin playing
plott plot
pls please
plz please
possesion possession
ppl people
preciate appreciate
probley probably
prob problem
probs probably
prolly probably
pushin pushing
puttn putting
qarbaqe garbage
qoin going
qot got
rackss racks
raight right
rappin rapping
r are
readyy ready
reallllly really
rec recorder
referng referring
remeber remember
rememberd remembered
rememberr remember
remmebner remember
ridin riding
righh right
righty right
riqht right
rly really
rockin rocking
roids steroids
rollin rolling
s0ngg song
saiid said
sayin saying
schl school
sendin sending
serios serious
seriouslyyyy seriously
sesh session
shittttt shit
shld should
shootin shooting
shoppe shop
shoppin shopping
shotti shotgun
shoulda should've
shoulnt shouldn't
sht shit
shulda should've
shuld should
shyt shit
sicken'n sickening
siging singing
sincee since
sittin sitting
skool school
skuurrrtin skirting
slippin slipping
slowlyy slowly
slp sleep
smh somehow
snappin snapping
soemthing something
somethin something
sometimesz sometimes
somewre somewhere
somr some
sonq song
sonqs songs
sooooooo so
soooooo so
sooooo so
soooo so
sooo so
soo so
sorryy sorry
startin starting
stong strong
suckss success
sum1 someone
sumfng something
sumthings somethings
sumthyn something
sumtin something
supporet support
supp up
sureeeeeeeeeeeeeee sure
sux sucks
sweeeet sweet
talkin talking
tamad damned
tard retard
tatts tattoos
teachrs teachers
teds ted's
tele telephone
thaann than
thaa that
thak's thanks
thankin thinking
thanx thanks
tha the
thats that's
theeee the
theee the
themm them
thiis this
thiknk think
thinjg thing
thinkin thinking
thinkng thinking
thnx thanks
tht that
thuggin thugging
thurr through
thx thanks
til till
til until
timee time
tlk talk
tmr tomorrow
tnx thanks
tol told
tomarra tomorrow
tomm tomorrow
tomoroe tomorrow
tomoro tomorrow
tomorrowww tomorrow
tonite tonight
trippn tripping
tru TRUE
tryin trying
tt that
tuh to
tured tired
turnin turning
tuu to
twords towards
txt text
u'll you'll
umm um
unliked disliked
uppp up
usss us
utube youtube
uu you
u've you've
u you
u your
uz use
vergin virgin
viirgooss virgos
waait wait
waay way
walkin walking
wantin wanting
wasnt wasn't
wasss was
wass was
wata what
watchinqq watching
watchin watching
wateva whatever
wat what
wawes waves
wearin wearing
weddingg wedding
weddinqq wedding
whaat what
wheeree where
whippin whipping
whoo who
whtd what
wht what
wh why
wierd weird
wifey wife
wiff with
wildin wilding
wil will
withh with
wiz with
wkend weekend
wknd weekend
worlddd world
worrien worrying
wouldnt wouldn't
wrk work
wudd would
wud would
wuz what's
w with
wx weather
yaaaay yay
yaa you
yah your
yall y'all
yall you
yayyyyy yay
yeahh yes
yesss yes
yess yes
yhu you
youur you're
youu you
yrs years
yr year
yt you
yuhr your
yuhr you're
yu you
y why