Lossy Counting and Sticky Sampling implementation for efficient frequency counts on data streams.
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Frequency Count Algorithms for Data Streams Build Status

The project provides a Scala implementation of the Lossy Counting and Sticky Sampling algorithms for efficient counting on data streams. You can find a description of the algorithms at this post.

We want to know which items exceed a certain frequency and identify events and patterns. Answers to such questions in real-time over a continuous data stream is not an easy task when serving millions of hits due to the following challenges:

  • Single Pass
  • Limited memory
  • Volume of data in real-time

The above impose a smart counting algorithm. Data stream mining to identify events & patterns can be performed by applying the following algorithms: Lossy Counting and Sticky Sampling.

How to run

Using sbt to build and run:

Lossy Counting:
sbt "run-main frequencycount.lossycounting.LossyCountingModel"

Sticky Sampling:
sbt "run-main frequencycount.stickysampling.StickySamplingModel"

Run the tests using sbt test


Have you found any issues? Want to contribute?

Help me finish the distributed implementation on Spark (see branch).

Please contact me at michael@micvog.com or create a new Issue. Pull requests are always welcome.