Plugin for Sublime for inserting unicode math symbols and emoji
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Plugin for Sublime for inserting unicode math symbols



Input backslash and name of unicode symbol (for example \forall) then insert space and text will be automatically converted to ∀
To insert space use shift+space


Emoji's names starts with colon (:)



There are also special way to convert subscripts and superscripts with several symbols, just input several symbols after \_ or \^:

S\^1+2k → S¹⁺²ᵏ
S\_1+2k → S₁₊₂ₖ


You can also convert list of chars with special prefix via \\prefix\abc, which will be equivalent to \prefixa \prefixb and \prefixc, for example:

\\Bbb\ABCabc → 𝔸𝔹ℂ𝕒𝕓𝕔


Hex-code of unicode symbol can be also used in one of these formats:


To explicitly convert (or convert back) use commands UnicodeMath: Convert, UnicodeMath: Convert Back, UnicodeMath: Convert Back (Code)

To select symbols from list, use command UnicodeMath: Insert


You can add custom symbols into symbol-table in UnicodeMath settings (Preferences → Package Settings → UnicodeMath → Settings — User or command "Preferences: UnicodeMath Settings — User")

(Note: don't use characters fom word_separators, see #19 issue for details)

	"symbols": {
		"mysymbol": "\u0021",
		"myothersymbol": "\u2080",
		"shortcode": "\\u0021", // code within string
		"longcode": "\\U00000021",
		"pluscode": "\\U+12345",
		"manycodes": "\\U+12345\\u0020",
		"codes-and-text": "Foo\\U+12345"

Synonyms for existing symbols can also be set:

	"synonyms": {
		"mys": "mysymbol"

Now \mys will insert the same symbol as \mysymbol.

Disable plugin for specific syntaxes (most common and default is 'latex'):

	"ignore_syntax": ["latex"]

Enable (default) or disable converting hex-codes:

	"convert_codes": true

Enable (default) or disable converting multichar sub- and superscripts:

	"convert_sub_super": true

Enable (default) or disable converting list of chars with prefix:

	"convert_list": true

Font settings

I prefer using Lucida Sans Unicode, it contains many unicode symbols.

	"font_face": "Lucida Sans Unicode"

I also recommend to set directwrite font option on Windows to allow font-substitution for unknown unicode symbols

	"font_options": ["directwrite"]

Symbols table

You can see all predefined emoji, symbols and synonyms