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changed #^ to ^ and ^ to meta in several places based on feedback from

Steve Miner
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mvolkmann committed Apr 20, 2012
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@@ -851,7 +851,7 @@ <h2><a name="Syntax">Clojure Syntax</a></h2>
add metadata to a symbol or collection
<td colspan="1" rowspan="1">
<code>#^{<i>key-value-pairs</i>} <i>object</i></code><br />
<code>^{<i>key-value-pairs</i>} <i>object</i></code><br />
processed at read-time
<td colspan="1" rowspan="1">
@@ -864,7 +864,7 @@ <h2><a name="Syntax">Clojure Syntax</a></h2>
get metadata map from a symbol or collection
<td colspan="1" rowspan="1">
<td colspan="1" rowspan="1">
<code>(meta <i>object</i>)</code>
@@ -3824,7 +3824,7 @@ <h2><a name="Metadata">Metadata</a></h2>
(println (== card1 card2)) ; same identity? -&gt; false
(println (= card1 card2)) ; same value? -&gt; true
(def card2 #^{:bent true} card2) ; adds metadata at read-time
(def card2 ^{:bent true} card2) ; adds metadata at read-time
(def card2 (with-meta card2 {:bent true})) ; adds metadata at run-time
(println (meta card1)) ; -&gt; nil
(println (meta card2)) ; -&gt; {:bent true}
@@ -3875,7 +3875,7 @@ <h2><a name="Metadata">Metadata</a></h2>
Functions and macros, both represented by a <code>Var</code> object,
have associated metadata.
For example, enter the following in a REPL:
<code>(meta (var reverse))</code> or <code>^#'reverse</code>.
<code>(meta (var reverse))</code>.
The output will be similar to the following, but on a single line:
<div class="code">
@@ -5243,7 +5243,7 @@ <h3>Java Calling Clojure</h3>
<pre xml:space="preserve">
(ns <i>namespace</i>
:methods [#^{:static true} [<i>function-name</i> [<i>param-types</i>] <i>return-type</i>]]))
:methods [^{:static true} [<i>function-name</i> [<i>param-types</i>] <i>return-type</i>]]))
@@ -5255,7 +5255,7 @@ <h3>Java Calling Clojure</h3>
<pre xml:space="preserve">
(ns com.ociweb.clj.Demo
:methods [#^{:static true} [getMessage [String] String]]))
:methods [^{:static true} [getMessage [String] String]]))
# Note the hyphen at the beginning of the function name!
(defn -getMessage [name]

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