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def and let are not macros, but special forms

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@@ -1170,15 +1170,15 @@ <h2><a name="Vars">Vars</a></h2>
Function parameters are bound to Vars that are local to the function.
- The <code>def</code> macro binds a value to a symbol. It provides a
+ The <code>def</code> special form binds a value to a symbol. It provides a
mechanism to define metadata, <code>:dynamic</code>, which allows a thread-local value
within the scope of a <code>binding</code> call.
In other words, it allows re-definition of assigned value per execution thread
and scope. If the Var is not re-assigned to a new value in a separate
execution thread, the Var refers to the value of the root binding,
if accessed from another thread.
- The <code>let</code> macro creates bindings to Vars
+ The <code>let</code> special form creates bindings to Vars
that are bound to the scope within the statement.
Its first argument is a vector containing name/expression pairs.
The expressions are evaluated in order and their results

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