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to your projects. To start using Clojure, you don't need to
install Clojure, nor deal with jar files or
the <code>java</code> command &mdash; just install and use
- lein (instructions on the lein homepage, linked to above).</p>
+ <code>lein</code> (instructions on the Leiningen homepage, linked to above).</p>
<p>Once you've installed lein, create a trivial project to start
playing around with:</p>
@@ -584,14 +584,12 @@
- For more info, see
- <a href=""></a> and
- <a href=""></a>.
+ To create a new <i>application</i> project, do
+ "<code>lein new app my-app</code>"
- Command-line arguments passed to a Clojure program are available
- in the predefined binding <code>*command-line-args*</code>. To create a new
- <i>application</i> project, do "<code>lein new app my-app</code>"
+ For more about getting started, see
+ <a href=""></a>.
<h2><a name="Syntax">Clojure Syntax</a></h2>
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