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@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ <h1>Clojure - Functional Programming for the JVM</h1>
by<br />
<a href="" onclick=",'_blank');return false;" title="Author Bio">R. Mark Volkmann</a>,
Partner <br />Object Computing, Inc. (OCI)<br />
- last updated on 7/22/12
+ last updated on 8/9/12
<p style="text-align:center">
@@ -934,7 +934,8 @@ <h2><a name="Syntax">Clojure Syntax</a></h2>
<div class="code">
<pre xml:space="preserve">
; This is Clojure code.
-; When a set is used as a function, it returns a boolean
+; When a set is used as a function, it returns the argument if it is
+; in the set and nil otherwise. When used in a boolean context,
; that indicates whether the argument is in the set.
(def vowel? (set "aeiou"))

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